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Creating, maintaining and developing business ethics infrastructure

The effectiveness of a companyís ethics code or business conduct standards is achieved by the code implementation system which comprises business ethics infrastructure as its key element. Depending on the size of an enterprise and the nature of business, business ethics infrastructure may include structural subdivision, separate and combined authorities, lines of communication, special procedures, document workflow, databases on difficult ethical situations. With the help of such infrastructure an enterprise may support employees and reward their responsible behaviour if itís in line with the requirements, avert and discover breaches of standards or digressions from them to provide adequate response.

Our consultants have designed comprehensive programmes to mould and support business ethics infrastructure falling into:

  • Elaborating a conception of activities for departments, committees, commissions, business ethics managers and other companyís officers in charge of corporate ethics;
  • Providing guidelines on proper functioning of dedicated lines on advice and communication in business ethics;
  • Creating a viable communication network to carry out corporate ethics projects and programmes.