Clients of this service:

Elaboration and introduction of corporate ethics code and other materials on values and ethics

A properly functioning corporate ethics code which is in line with standards of business conduct is an effective instrument of management enabling to maintain organisational identity at the level of reducing risks, enhancing reputation, abiding by laws and standards and of constructive relationship with a community.

To be successfully embedded into employees’ activities the code should reflect corporate identity and meaningful risk zones laid down plainly enough for employees to understand and accept them. This is why the following works are to be carried out:

  • Creating a conception of values code project;
  • Discussing the project with employees;
  • Meaningful correction, approval and transmission of the code;
  • Developing a system to implement the code or corporate ethics standards;
  • Producing papers about corporate ethics policies.

Our consultants have worked out an authentic methodology for elaborating, discussing and introducing a code which was given a professional PR award Serebryanyi Luchnik.