Clients of this service:

Thematic communications campaigns ( transmitting ideologies, strategies, codes)

A holistic and appealing image of a company among its employees is certain to help form corporate identity. To successfully shape it, it is vital to consider specific character of information perception by different groups of employees as well as communicative habits within a company. Moreover, organisational changes are likely to be successful in case the scale of awareness of these changes among employees and of understanding them is large. It is informational support that gives each employee to understand the sense of the changes on organisational and unit scales. Care should be taken to synchronise transmission of key messages in all communication types.

The scope of works includes:

  • Working out a communications strategy and conducting internal information campaigns;
  • Providing interaction when introducing changes (holding explanatory seminars, meetings, simulation games, etc.);
  • Providing feedback and levelling down antagonism of the personnel (hot lines, mailboxes of complaints and suggestions, support and assistance offices, etc.);
  • Writing programmes of events (briefing meetings, managementís conferences, etc).