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Building and developing internal communications

A system of internal communications is shaped on the basis of company’s strategies and taking into consideration the informational needs of employees.. While designing an Internal Communications System (ICS) care must be taken to both transmit corporate values via ICS and form ICS in conformity with these values.

The main objective of an ICS consists in providing an effective circulation of meaningful and necessary information within an enterprise as well as ensuring the information is acquired by personnel.

In the framework of the task we conduct:

  • Working out and phasing in a unified, cyclical, and coordinated internal communications system of complementary channels (design of the structure and functions of a PR department);
  • Formation of stable feedback mechanisms;
  • Organising balanced interaction between all units (head office—regional branches);
  • Coordination of internal and external communications systems (integrating a PR department into the structure of an enterprise, supporting a revamp of the department).

The tasks of internal communications divisions may be altered and supplemented in the course of an enterprise’s development, with special emphasis laid on maintaining or increasing the efficiency of the existing communication channels and on the employees’ readiness to solve new tasks.

Enhancement of ICS includes:

  • Upgrading efficiency of separate communication channels (newspaper, website, news boards, mailing, awareness-raising events, corporate video, etc.);
  • Training staff of internal communications department;
  • Optimising communications interaction (elaborating standards of intra-corporate information exchange; facilitating communication exchange within and between units).