Incorpore is a Russian consultancy which operates in the sphere of shaping and managing organisational culture.

In Latin, «in ñorðîrå» means “in full” and symbolises the integrating role played by organisational culture in a company’s development.

What we focus on is the interaction of the person and the organisation. We help build optimal relationship between the company and the employee to achieve business aims.

What do we do for this?

  • We help lay the foundation of this relationship, coordinate it with business tasks (focus—corporate culture, vector—mould corporate values uniting employees);
  • Pave roads to effectively maintain this relationship (focus—corporate communications, vector—translate values, unite people and organisations);
  • Lay down the framework and the rules for maintaining and developing the relationship (focus—corporate ethics, vector—abide by corporate norms, underpin value in the working process).

Our company helps enterprises solve complicated tasks which they encounter when working out and implementing strategies, introducing change, being involved in M&A, bracing themselves for IPOs, ensuring employees’ loyalty, designing non-financial incentives, raising social cohesion among employees and mutual understanding between units and departments. We provide solutions for these tasks by operating in the following spheres:

  • Shaping an internal environment which best reconciles the interests of a firm and its employees;
  • Providing best communication between a firm and its employees, including over corporate values;
  • Establishing a corporate ethics system which encourages employees to stick to corporate values.

Working on organisational culture development we are involved in: staff management, internal and external communications, strategic management, interaction with related divisions such as internal control, security and legal departments.

Our team includes psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, legal advisors—all of which are experts in organisational behaviour (organisational consulting, psychology of management, organisational culture), corporate ethics, and corporate law.

We rely on our long-term experience in these spheres and on our own methodology, tailor our individual solutions with regard to the world’s best practices and to specificity of operating in Russia.

Our main principles are: high expert level, multifaceted approach and effective solutions.