Ethics is an effective tool for strategic, regular and risk management

A round table discussion on “Using business ethics codes and standards for risk reduction and enhancing management efficiency: Russian experience” was held by the business regulation subcommittee of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on November 12th, 2008.

The discussion assembled representatives of regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry, entrepreneurs’ associations, committees of the RCCI. Heads of HR departments, trade media and specialised educational institutions also attended the round table.

Elena Krasnova, head of the subcommittee and of Ethics in Business consultancy, presided over the meeting.

The following themes topped the agenda:

  • The role of ethical management in corporate governance.
  • Business ethics as a corporate strategy tool.
  • The practice and prospects of business ethics application in shaping and maintaining franchise networks.
  • The place and resource of business ethics in business standartisation and regulation.
  • Intra-corporate information instruments for personnel indoctrination, etc.

Incorpore’s Executive Director Ilya Sternin made a report titled ”The role of ethical management in corporate governance” wherein ethics was viewed as an instrument of strategic, regular and risk management. Phasing in a corporate ethics code in Rusal was taken as a case-study.

The presentation is available here.